• Your personnel on-site "...have great, positive attitudes and do whatever it takes to get the job done right for the client and I really, really appreciate it so much!"

    "I especially want to praise TJ for doing a wonderful job with soil boring advancement and well installation activities... Of course I didn't expect anything less..."

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    Sarah A. Battaglia, M.A., RPA
    Project Scientist/Archaeologist, Intertek-PSI
  • "... I worked with Chico and Cassidy and could not be more pleased.  From the time we got on-site, until the end of the day, they were hard at work.  In dealing with slowdowns (811 locate trouble) and ignorance (mine) they were understanding and helpful.  And in drilling and setting the wells, I haven't been around a more experienced crew.  I'm not sure Chico knows the word "quit"..."

    "Without that crew, my job would have been immeasurably more difficult."

    Dwight McCay
    Project Scientist, TRC
  • "I've done this kind of work in many states across the country and have not had a better experience than this one.  I would recommend Walker-Hill to anyone looking for high-quality drilling services..."

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    Dan Larson P.G.
    Senior Geologist, Wenck Associates