Walker-Hill Environmental, Inc. (WHE) is a privately held remediation and environmental drilling service firm with offices in Foxworth, Mississippi, Milton, Florida and Walker, Louisiana.  Since the 1990’s, WHE has been providing quality remediation construction and drilling services to private sector clients, as well as local, state, and federal governmental agencies. Since its inception, WHE has built a solid reputation for providing quality services and technical excellence in the remediation and environmental drilling services arena.

WHE’s corporate goal is to provide quality remediation and environmental drilling services, as well as innovative solutions for our clients ever changing environmental needs. WHE is committed to providing cost-effective solutions, quality project management, schedule control, and ensuring that all services are in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. WHE is committed to teamwork and will assist each of our clients in their endeavor to be the best in their respective fields.

WHE believes the the goal of providing the highest quality environmental field services is accomplished through five processes:

  •  training and retaining its employees
  •  properly maintained and equipped field equipment
  •  an excellent health and safety program and record
  •  a mandatory drug and alcohol program
  •  a constant eye to the leading edge of this industry

WHE believes that any project initiated by the company is not complete until the client is satisfied with the end result.  WHE is fully aware that the success of a quality field program leads to the further success of WHE’s clients and future success of WHE.